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Institute of Community and Public Health
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Welcome - Vision - Goals

Cox & Cook The Institute of Community and Public Health at the University of Kansas Medical Center is committed to improving public health outcomes in the region, state and world through education and research.


Educating the public health professionals of tomorrow is an urgent task. There are documented and forecasted shortages of public health physicians, public health nurses, epidemiologists, health care educators, and administrators. Without enough adequately-trained public health workers protecting us where we live, work and play, we all are vulnerable to serious health risks.

Our vision for education is to:

Understanding our society's public health challenges is critical to establish effective solutions. That's the philosophy behind the research conducted by the departments of the Institute of Community and Public Health at KU Medical Center. In an era of shrinking research funding, the Institute's four departments attracted more than $8.4 million in grants in 2008 and this growth in grant funding is expected to continue. Collectively, our research is moving Kansas and the nation toward safer, healthier and happier communities.

Our vision for research is to: